force in natural science

Style is a pull or push that can affect the state of an object. style can not be seen, but its influence can be felt. when we see the movement of pushing, pulling and lifting objects, we feel there are a number style that is required for the movement. forces can cause objects to move to stop, change direction, and changing shape.

in natural science, pull or push something called style. force arises due to the pull or push. there is a strong force and there is a weak force. large and the small force is determined by the strong or weak pull or push
dynamometer is a device for measuring force

large and small forces can be measured using a tool called a dynamometer. force unit called newtons or N. N stands for Newton's, the man who first discovered gravity is Issaac Newton.

variety of styles
  1. muscle force: released by humans and animals.
  2. spring force: the force generated by a spring or rubber. there is the spring force on children's toys, clock springs, catapults, arrows, etc..
  3. the force of gravitation: the force of gravity on objects that are above the earth's surface.
  4. static electrical forces: the plastic can be rubbed into the hands of small interesting papers.
  5. magnetic force: a magnet can attract objects made of iron or steel.
  6. friction force: the force generated by the friction material to other objects.
  7. style machine: the machine can pull or push, such as automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, etc.
style properties
  • style can change the shape of an object. we can make a bird from clay, modeling clay was formed by pulling or pressing or flatten the dough. plasticine change shape because of the style. car hit a tree will change shape because the thrust that occurred between a car and a tree.
    in everyday life because of the influence of body shape changes in style are as follows: sculpture artist, clay tile press, rice milling, manufacturing of crackers, noodles, etc..
  • force can change the motion of an object. in this case can be assumed as follows: the ball is kicked in the direction of an object, the ball will change direction if related an object. The next is that riding a bicycle very easily deflected.
  • Friction force occurs when two surfaces touch each other.
    friction force is the force generated from friction between two surfaces. we roll the ball on the ground will stop. marbles rolling on the floor that will eventually be stopped. the force that holds the rolling ball and surly it is called friction.
    Friction can be minimized by: smoothing the surface, flatten the
    rmukaan track, put a round object between the two surfaces.
  • Spring force is the force that occurs when the body has the properties of elastic / flexible. objects that have elastic properties include: bow, slingshot, spring, and rubber bands. Some tools that use spring force, among others: the spring scale, equipped with a sleeping pad (spring bed), lock the door, slingshots, bows and arrows, etc..
  • The force generated by the magnetic force is called magnetic force. Magnet can attract iron or steel. Magnet also has a tensile force and thrust, it happens at both magnetic poles, when the namesake would happen if they do not push and pull each other namesake, for example, can be symbolized north pole and south pole as shown below
    Because the magnet has a style, then the magnets can be made a variety of tools that include: compass, a dynamo, a telephone, telegraph aircraft, to lift objects of iron, toys, buttons pencil cases, etc..
  • Mica ruler who scoured the dry-rub on the hair could attract small pieces of paper. a ruler who rubbed having electric charges and electric charges that have bebda can attract the surrounding. Tensile force is called Style Electric.
  • Objects being thrown up will fall down again. Things fall down because there is gravity on the object. Gravitational force is also owned by the heavenly bodies so as not to get out of its orbit. Moon also has a tensile force, due to gravity is the moon to the earth tides. High tide occurs when the full moon.


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