Ease Simplified Aircraft Works

To alleviate the jobs, people need hearing aids. The tool is called a simple plane, because its structure is not too complicated but it can enable people to bekerja.Kita can find this simple aircraft in everyday life, such as: increasing the drums onto the truck, pulled out a nail in the timber, open the bottle cap, cut wood.
By using the tools that the various species, human beings can do the job easily. Complicated arrangement of aircraft actually composed of several simple planes.

Types of Aircraft Simplified

  1. Lever, divided into three types, among others: (1) The first type of lever, fulcrum lies in between the load and power, (2) levers of the second kind, fulcrum position after the power and load, or load located between the fulcrum and power; (3) The third kind of lever, the power lies between the fulcrum and load.
    The first type

    The second type

    The third type

  2. Italicized fields, is a flat surface that is created and modified into the shape italic (sloping), examples of an inclined plane, among others: screw nails, screws, wedges, knives, roads in the mountains, etc..
  3. Wheels, wheels and shafts are widely used as part of the planes is more complicated, for example: bike, car, wagon, train, etc..
    In antiquity, people move wood roll manner. This is the principle of the wheel that eventually developed in the modern era.
  4. Pulley, a wheel is spinning but not running. With a style that required him pulley is smaller than a direct lift. Example use of pulleys are as follows: draw a bucket at the well, hoisted the flag on the flagpole, a bird cage hoisted on poles, etc..
    Use of the pulley is divided into two kinds, namely: (1) Fixed Pulleys; pulleys that use by installing a pulley on a place, for example: at the flagpole at the well derrick, hoist the birds, etc..
    (2) Pulleys-Free; pulley that is attached to a rope and hung, making it easy to move, we can lighten the load by combining the two pulleys, or by making a pulley block.

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