Energy is the ability that causes the occurrence of events or changes. Movement of an object, we can move, the engine can rotate because of the energy. Human use of energy to do activities. Humans get energy from food, therefore food for humans is a source of energy.
Objects that have energy eg solar, wind, flowing water, gas, electricity, petroleum, coal, etc. ..
Energy can not be destroyed but can change from one form to another.
Some forms of energy that we often use in everyday life are:
  1. Chemical energy is energy stored in chemicals. Will appear if the chemical energy to interact with other chemicals. Examples are batteries, accumulators, foodstuff, etc..
  2. Heat Energy ; Things that cause burning hot. Heat is also called heat. Heat generated by the candle can play a spiral of paper that hung above it. Heat can cause a spiral of paper can be engaged.
  3. Magnetic energy; this energy can attract certain objects such as nails, thumbtacks, nuts, and small irons. The energy generated by the magnet is called magnetic energy.
  4. Electrical Energy: Electrical energy can move the shaver and can move the fan. In the tool below, the change is to change electrical energy into mechanical energy.

  5. Chemical energy; Stones battery is chemical energy if the stones were prepared menggunkana battery electric equipment such as cables and lights, the chemical energy in the battery will change menjadai light energy.
  6. Light energy, energy can be used to dry laundry, assimilated in the green plants, etc. In this case is sunlight.
  7. Motion energy is the energy possessed by moving objects. The flow of river water has energy of motion, so that the flow of river water can be used to transport timber tau turbine drives a generator. The wind can be used to move the fishing boat to go fishing.
  8. Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object. Energy stored in food is called chemical potential energy.
  9. Gravitational Potential Energy; caused by gravity.
  10. Kinetic energy generated by the movement.
  11. The light energy is energy that comes from the sun or something that can remove light objects.
  12. Nuclear energy comes from nuclear word means a part of or in connection with the nuclei of atoms (atomic nuclei). Center called the nucleus of an atom or nucleus. The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. Number of protons in the nucleus called the atomic number, and determine the elements of an atom.

    Nucleus size is much smaller than the atom itself, and most are composed of protons and neutrons, there is almost no contribution from the electrons.

    The number of neutrons within the nucleus determines the isotope of the element. The number of protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei are interconnected, usually in an amount equal, in a large nucleus there are several more neutrons. Both of these determine the type of nucleus. Protons and neutrons have nearly the same period, and the amount of the second period called the mass number, and weighs almost the same as the atomic mass (each isotope has a unique period). The period of the electron is very small and does not contribute much to the atom.
  13. The sound energy or sound is a mechanical compression or longitudinal waves that propagate through a medium. Medium or intermediary substance can be liquid, solid, gas. So, for example, sound waves can propagate in water, coal, or air.

    Most of the sound is a combination of signals, but a theoretical pure sound can be explained by the speed of oscillation or frequency measured in Hertz (Hz) and amplitude or loudness of sound with a decibel measurement.

    Humans hear when sound waves, the vibrations in the air or other medium, to the human ear drum. Limit the frequency of sound can be heard by human ears approximately from 20 Hz to 20 kHz in general amplitude with variation in response curve. Sound above 20 kHz is called ultrasonic and below 20 Hz is called infrasound.
Energy that will be useful if there are changes to the form that the other forms. Law of conservation of energy states "energy can not be created and can not be destroyed."

The sun is the main energy source in the world. Almost all energy comes from the sun and can be described as follows. Plants need sunlight to photosynthesise, from photosynthesis that results in the form of food reserves are circulated to all parts of the plant, subsequently issued in the form of oxygen that humans and animals and used for breathing. Humans and animals eat the plants (in addition to eating the flesh) to perform growth and find energy in the form of food.


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